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Key Management

Jaya Sharma

Jaya Sharma, Ph.D., M.T.A. is the owner/director of Camelback Travels Inc.

Jaya's passion of starting up her own travel agency materialized when her friends shared their experiences with her. Jaya has worked as Consolidation Division Manager with a well-established and renowned travel agency in Greater Vancouver for over 5 years and has helped a large number of people with their travel needs. Prior to working in the travel industry, Jaya completed her Masters in Tourism Administration and also obtained her Ph.D. in Tourism.

While working with hundreds of travel agents in Alberta and B.C. she has had the opportunity to meet the travel needs of diverse and ethnic communities. In the course of her interactions with various travel agencies, Jaya realized that there is a vacuum when it comes to meeting the needs of clients, and she is trying to fill that gap by providing professional service to clients while valuing the importance of time for her clients.

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